Monday, June 29, 2009

BIG Decision

Well, this afternoon I still did not get an exact date for my surgery, but they said it will be between 14-31 Jul 09. The issue right now is getting my surgeon's team to marry up with the reconstruction/plastic surgery team - which is no easy task.

I'm faced with such a big decision and all comments are welcome. I have two options for reconstruction, I can have expanders put in and have them stretch the skin over a period of time, only to remove the expanders (down the road) and insert silicone implants. I know, you're thinking "Why silicone?" Well, believe it or not saline swishes when you move - at least for women who've had this type of reconstruction because there is no muscle to keep it from doing ocean rolls, so surgeons opt for silicone which is thicker. My second option is to have the "tram flap" surgery. With this, they open up my abdomen, take part of my "six pack" and push it up and under the skin where it ultimately goes into the open spaces where my breasts were. This surgery is longer and has more obvious risks associated with it. From what I understand the recovery process is harder, but everything utilized would be part of my own body and not fake.

Any recommendations out there? Or might you know of anyone who has had the tram flap?


  1. Wow, I have never heard of the second option. I would be more than happy to give you my spare tire and then some (no 6 pack here. LOL On a serious note: I honestly don't know what I would do if I were you. Whatever is an healthier and easier transition for you would be my input. You are going to go through an awful lot already, why add to it. Besides with silicone you can be any size you want LOL oh no, that's me again dreaming! I am sure you will make the right decision, you always do. Love ya!

  2. Arla,
    My thought would be to go with the implants as it sounds easier on your body... However, having neer expereinced this I have called upon a few friends who have to provide some input. I will provide that input as soon as I get it.....hopefully today. Hang in there and stay strong. Your Friend Always, Donna

  3. Your hair looks GREAT and it seems last time saw you it was about the same length. You are such a strong woman. You are facing this monster head on. I tell you what - I bet the monster is shaking in it's shoes (felt your boobs jiggling just a little? If so, it's that monster scared to death and he has every right to be). You are doing so very well with all this and your two young men I'm sure, as hard as it is and as scary as it is for them, will ALWAYS be your wall of strength especially if you ever feel like you have no strength left.

    I'm going to do some reasearch on your question this evening and either give you a call or email you. I know it's got to be a hard decision to make, but as Chere said, you need to pick the one that is the healthier choice. If it's from the "six pack", and that's healthier, go that way. If it's the silicone, go that way - whatever is better for YOUR HEALTH, because as we all grow older we learn what is the most important thing aside from having love ones (family children, etc) is HEALTH. Health over asthetics any day.