Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The work begins

Hello everyone. Well, after a wonderful weekend with family back home in the greater Syracuse area, I now return to begin my battle. No sooner did the plane land and I spoke to my team leader who advised that with this last MRI, another mass has been found.....in my left breast. I could sure use some GOOD news. I have to believe that I am exactly where God wants me to be every moment of my life and this past weekend was evidence of that. Everywhere we went, there was karma and you just cannot have as many "coincidences" that we had, so I am sure I was being tapped on the shoulder and reminded of who is in charge of this journey. How convenient that I found a shirt through a window that says, "Cherish the Journey"....

I am deeply grateful for having had time with my family for I know how serious my situation is, yet I will not allow it to deter my strength or commitment to beat the hell out of this beast that grows inside me. I will not fall, nor fail, in this mission to save my own life and to help someone else in the future.

I want to thank my Aunt Jackie, who requested a special prayer at the Lady of Lourdes in the Masses for Healing - I have been to that Shrine and it is beautiful. Also, much appreciation and sincere thanks to Deb and Tracy, who are in from TN, prayed with and for me.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I go for one more ultrasound to check the mass on the left breast, to review all the results and set the surgery date, which I believe will be next week.

Have a beautiful week and take the time to cherish YOUR journey.... love to all.


  1. Hey there! I see another posting in the wee hours of the morning when you should be sleeping and keeping up your strength. The weekend was great and now I will be with you tomorrow during the decision making process. You will get through this and we will be with you all the way. I Love Ya!

  2. Hello Arla, Have kept you in my prayers now for several weeks. I am really a night person so know that in the early morning hours, you have a prayer warrior on board. You are a gal that I have always admired. Your talents, graciousness and zest are a model for me. As you go through this journey, remember that there are many who would like to join Christ in carrying you during difficult times. Sue B. (WAC Vets)

  3. I pray all went well today! Yes, you have a family of warriors on your side who will do all we can to take care of you and carry you through all the difficult times. You are a tower of strength but save it for the greater challenges in this fight. Let us do the day to day things that we can help you with. I know you will pull through this my friend. Keep the positive attitude it's brought you this far. I will be checking on you and here always.