Sunday, June 7, 2009

June 7, 2009 – Ok, this is what know. I have is called Invasive Ductal Carcinoma? It is not estrogen fed, therefore it is aggressive and harder to treat. I already like the nurse I’ve spoken to. She talks to me straight up and I respect that. It is a serious dose of reality I was never expecting. Anyhow, read on…..

Apparently Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC) is a very common type of breast cancer. It starts developing in the milk ducts of the breast, but breaks out and invades surrounding tissues. Unlike DCIS version, which is a non-invasive cancer, IDC is not a well-contained cancer. It has the potential to invade my lymph and blood systems, spreading cancer cells to other parts of your body (holy cow!). If this IDC spreads beyond its original site, it will be called metastasized.

Should I feel more comforted knowing that Invasive Ductal Carcinoma is a Common Breast Cancer Diagnosis? It is the most commonly diagnosed breast cancer accounting for about 8 out of 10 of all invasive breast cancers. What?? Are you kidding me?? My thoughts race as I wonder, what did I eat, where did I live, and how can this be so prevalent. The lump in my throat tells me this is the same mutant gene my mother and sister have. On the up side, my crazy beautiful sister Pam did say she’d let me borrow her fake boob. I almost fell on the floor laughing. I love her

OK, now for the education of this monster. Ladies – listen up! This homework takes only minutes, but it can save your life. Mine is buried deep in my chest, so I never felt a lump. Do your monthly exams and please get the BRACA (?) test. It will help determine if you have this cancer causing gene. With this cancer, time is critical!

Keep in mind that most lumps will be fibrocystic and no big deal – it’s the other 20% that is scary. If it is caught early, your chances of survival are very good.

I don’t what stage I am at, nor do I yet know my prognosis, but from my standpoint, I feel I caught it early. Doctors should start talking prognosis of my future outlook for survival shortly – probably this week and I’ll post it here. I’m still having a hard time saying it without tears, but as each day goes by, I become more determined to fight this and get it out of my body.


  1. My dear Arla,
    From the first day I met you, I was amazed at your strength and at your confidence. I was so excited to find that you are also my sister in Christ, as we got to know each other better.
    I have seen you be a rock for people in my family and I have had great times visiting with you and celebrating with you. I wish I still lived there so I could spend more time with you because I feel you are truly an awesome lady.
    I feel that you are fighting this illness in the correct way; By finding out all you can about it and by being informed so you can make the correct decisions about your care.
    And, by asking for prayer from friends and loved ones.
    I have seen so many miracles performed by the Lord in recent years, and I truly believe you will be healed of this. Arla, I know that the Lord walks beside you. His word says so in Leviticus 26:12. He knows your pain and sadness. He knows your fears. He knows all your dreams. He sees your tears. I feel right now He is saying, "Lay your burden at my feet." "Take my hand and trust in me!"

    Sometimes, I feel so overwhelmed that I cannot pray. You may know how that feels. But, the Lord knows your thoughts. He knows how hard this is for you. He loves you so much and sickness and disease are not of God. When you decided to believe in Christ and that He died for your sins, you were given the Holy Spirit to reside in your heart until the Lord calls you home or returns to earth for all. You have the Holy Spirit living inside of you. The Holy Spirit can and will heal you, as you have much work for the Lord to do here on earth. I personally believe that we need to be binding and casting out in the name of Jesus and loosing in the name of Jesus. Meaning, saying out loud, speaking to your body, I bind and cast out all sickness and disease in the name of Jesus; I cast it out into the sea and I loose a spirit of perfect health and healing in the name of Jesus.

    I read the book, God's Creative Power by Charles Capps. It spoke of how God created the world by speaking it into existence and how what we say and speak over ourselves and others has power because the Holy Spirit lives in us, if we have received Christ as our Savior.
    I encourage you to do this and I encourage you to pray as Hezekiah prayed in the Bible. God answered Hezekiah's prayer to be healed by making the shadow of the sun on the stairs in his dwelling move back 10 steps. 15 years were added to Hezekiah's life when God did this and healed him of his disease. (2Kings 20:1-11)
    Please know I am praying for you and your family. I love you my sister in Christ and I know the Lord is beside you now and will continue to be as, you fight this battle. The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy but Christ came so that you would have life and have it abundantly. Be confident in Christ! The joy of the Lord is your strength.

  2. From a fellow Leo

    the first words that came into my mind when I heard about this was a song by Gloria Gaynor (?)....

    it starts...At first I was afriad, I was terrified, thinking I could never live without you by my side......I will Survive!

    And I knew you will!

  3. You are in my thoughts and prayers always and all ways!! Keep the faith, and know you are loved and I am sending strength your way. Kathy Ferrando