Monday, May 24, 2010

Post Surgery

Well, yet again I have another new chest. Last week, they went in, removed the old, inserted new, moved them around to reposition and lasered out a bunch of scar tissue that was encapsulating the implants.

Geez, it was a tough surgery. It didn't take but a couple hours, but I'm quite bruised and swollen this go around. My body is telling me it tired right now and I'm trying to listen, but I did have to return to work this morning. It was very, very difficult. I'm pretty sure that I almost cried many times, but I pushed through it and just asked God for mercy on my girls. Was going to stay in and rest at lunch, but changed my mind and went to Makoto's w/Cdr G. Thanks! I owe ya one.

Finally home and it's early evening, thank goodness. I think I'll enjoy the quiet time....I have a break from school so I'm going to take advantage of it.

Congrats to all my Webster friends who are graduating with their Master' lead the way....a big HOOAH! to you. I'm rocking slow and steady and not giving up -one class at a time, carrying a 4.0 GPA, and just recently inducted into Delta Mu Delta. Not too bad for a breast cancer patient.

Hugs to all...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all mother's, wherever you may be. You deserve this single, special day each year, and I'm so glad to be here to celebrate it with you. I've been quiet here because I've been trying to regroup - I crashed my computer and lost all my college homework and "stuff" - years of it. I was overwhelmed. And I've had lot's of things to make up in a college class; a presentation, a 16-page paper, and a final. No easy task by any means. But I'm back. :) Today, I'd like to keep this simple and send a special wish to my own mother, who died from cancer when I was 19. I cannot take credit for the poem, but it is just as heartfelt. She was taken from me way too early, but I now understand this disease waits for no one. So Mom, this one's for you:

"If roses grow in heaven, please pick a bunch for me, place them in my mothers arms and tell her they're from me. Tell her that I love and miss her, and when she turns to smile, place a kiss upon her cheek and hold her for a while. Because remembering her is easy, I do it everyday, but there's an ache within my heart that never goes away. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MAMA. I LOVE AND MISS YOU!"

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lucky Me!

We did the "Relay 4 Life" this past weekend and what a joyous occasion it was. First, I need to give serious high-fives to all the students who were out there supporting this event. Wow, my cup runneth over... I couldn't believe the support - it was fantastic. And to the teachers and others who put the event on - what a great job! My bosom buddy, Adrienne, was there for a majority of the day and into the evening. She stayed for the Luminaria candle lighting ceremony. I don't know how she made it, but she has the strength of a hundred angels.....

I had preop on Thursday, so I stopped by the Casino and lucky me, I won $200!!! Yayyyy!! I took it and ran right out the door, which is something I don't often do. I put it away for the Relay and I purchased tickets to all the little things that people at the event were raffling off. I figured if I won, it was meant to be, and if not, it was still meant to be because it was all for research for cancer..amen, amen and AMEN! After hitting a concrete wall (figuratively) late in the evening, I left to rest for a couple hours and returned at 0600, just in time to hear an announcer say, "Ms. Arla.... YOU are the proud new owner of the hottest new Ipad!!" Yep, I won an Ipad for a single $10 ticket purchase. How about that.... I took a picture and texted it to my boys to show it off.....HA! That went over well... LOL! What fun.

I still feel so very blessed for each moment I have....even though I learned my son, Kyle, will be leaving to go back to St. Louis. I am deeply saddened, but I believe he should learn his dad's company, and be close to where his grandma is. I should reconsider things at some point as well. I love my boys so much....but hate that weather.

Lucky me - my home computer bit the dust, self inflicted. Took everything with it. Homework, thesis, all my old school work, all my pictures, etc...Wow, I am still having a hard time reconciling this, but cannot dwell on it....A classmate advised that I sent her my thesis as a guide and she still had it....THANK YOU JESUS!!!! It will be much easier to recreate....Lucky me, yet again....

Have a blessed week all....much love.