Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Well, after much thought, I decided to take the first step with my hair. I wanted it to be MY doing and not the chemotherapy. I cut it to my shoulders and lo and behold it doesn't look half bad I guess. :0

My hair stylist, Jessica (thanks Jess!) had a harder time cutting it than I did making the decision. When she started, she cut an inch, then one more, and I said, "Jess - that's not even close to the shoulders, honey"......and after I explained that I needed this for me to get used to the idea, she finally said, ok...and she did a great job on the cut itself. Now, if only the nose weren't so I'm KIDDING. It's my Polish heritage and I'm keeping that! ;)

On a serious note, I think my son is finally coming to grips with this. I've been very worried about him but last night he sent me a text, "Mom, YOU are #1, and no matter what, I'm right here with you - whatever it takes" or words to that effect. It brought tears to my eyes and touched my very soul. Thank you, son......


  1. Hey Arla!
    I think Jessica did a great job! I like it a lot.
    You have a wonderful son...and he knows he has a wonderful mother :)
    Keep up the positive thoughts...and just know that I am ALWAYS here for you! ~Dee~

  2. Hey babe!
    It is a fantastic cut and I think it makes you look younger, too so I know you'll like that. Love Ya!


  3. I had hair down nearly to my waist - pre chemo. Three weeks before I started chemo I got it cut short. Then when it started to fall out - exactly two weeks after my first chemo, I hung my head over a trash can and went wild with a pair of scissors. Then I stuck a little cap on and was good to go. I wore a wig going out but a cap at home. I like your hair cut!

  4. Arla,
    What a great look...the new dew looks fantastic... You look fabulous. Know that I am here for you. Your son is precious!!

  5. Love your new look-as usual you are beautiful! Go figure :o)

  6. it seems unanimous, you are beautiful no matter what.

    You are in my thoughts, always