Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

On June 8, 2009, just days after learning I had breast cancer, I began this blog and I wrote the following:

Everything is moving along. I am frightened, but I have faith. I am educated, but not in this. So, what's a girl to do? Put my faith in God and know that I am exactly where I am supposed to And that's enough for me. As for my thought for today, I actually just now "stole" it from my dear childhood friend that I've known since first grade, Rose. She put it on her facebook page and I thought it was pretty profound: "There are two ways to live your life...One is as though nothing is a miracle, The other is as though everything is a miracle."

Now, on this St. Patty’s Day, March 17, 2010, I reflect on that passage and say, “Everything is moving along beautifully. I am still a little frightened at times, but not afraid because I am now educated in this disease. I place my faith in God, always, and still believe that I am exactly where he wants me to be….today, and everyday….and that is all I ask for. Thank you, Jesus". With regard to my friend Rose’s quote: "There are two ways to live your life – and I CHOOSE to live as though everything is a miracle….” Yes, indeed. Love to all....OH - and to my friend and school mate Donna - it was so great to see you again.....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

10 Months Later

This will be brief, and I hope, filled with hope for others. It has been 10 months since that moment when sitting at this very same desk (see picture at right) that I received the phone call and was told I had this dreadful disease.

Since then, my life has been a roller coaster filled with tears, fears, hope, prayer, hugs, help, and every other source of assistance imaginable. My friends and family were closer to me than I could have ever imagined and for which I am eternally grateful.

My tush is bigger, but so is my heart. I lost my breasts, my modesty, my dignity (at times) and my hair, but I've gained so much more out of life and every single day for me now is an amazing and beautiful gift. And honestly, I hope I feel this way for each and every day of the rest of my life.

Every morning, I wake up, and the first thing I say is, "Come on girls (to my dogs) and thank you, Jesus, for another day....It's going to be beautiful yet again." How could it not be.

Nowadays, I'm getting the "Hey, you sorta look like that Jamie Lee Curtis gal on the Activia commercial.....yeah, sure I do.... I don't care who I look like as long as I wake up and look like someone each day...and I get to do something good - somewhere.

Have an awesome day all...hugs ~