Monday, July 6, 2009

Time in Tampa

I drove over here to Tampa yesterday afternoon and checked in to what is called "Self care". Basically, I am at a hotel next to the hospital. No biggy - but very boring. Today, I endured several people and hundreds of questions regarding my health. My EKG looked great - smooth sinus rhythm and my blood pressure is holding steady at 110/71. Not too bad. Better yet, no fevers to worry over. Just when I thought they'd floored me one more time - by changing my surgery date, I did get a nice phone call. First though - my surgery date has been changed by one day. It is now scheduled for 22 July 09, in lieu of 21 July. The surgery will last somewhere around 6 hours. I get to have all four surgeons in the OR with me. Wonder what I did to deserve this attention. I believe I know what it is -it's that mean triple negative again - everyone is quite interested in that....everyone but me....they talk about me daily in their group meetings getting status updates, etc.

Anyway - I received a call from a woman with Barry U (I will keep her name to myself) that underwent a bilateral herself just last month. She sounded wonderful and certainly lifted my spirits. She didn't do the reconstruction, and she feels pretty good. She has very good movement with one arm, and the other arm is coming along, just more slowly. I understand the exercises I will have to do can be excruciating, but I continue to pray to God for mercy. I will start by using my fingers to "crawl" up a wall. The smallest of things can or will be challenging, but that's ok - I want to get this over with and get healthy again.

Tomorrow I have the dreaded biopsy on the left breast. Please be negative, please be negative....If its negative, it is one more bit of hope I have to hold on to for recovering/remission from this dragon beast. I continue to believe......


  1. Debbie Loveday-KarnerJuly 6, 2009 at 6:14 PM

    Arla, I think about you everyday and wonder how you are doing. Stay as positive as possible. I know it is hard because I have had a hard time with it myself. It is amazing what talking to other people that have been through this helps us through it. I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you! :)

  2. Hi Arla,
    Just wanted to let you know that I cherish your friendship and I care about what you are going through. I am lifting you up to the Lord and I know He walks with you. This disease shall not have victory over you... you shall be victorious over it! The Lord says in Genesis we shall have dominion over everything in the earth. That means disease as well. We sure enjoyed our time with you and cant wait to see you again. Remember you have friends here in TN that love you!

    PS Your haircut looks great!