Monday, April 28, 2014

And Lovely Life Goes On

This year has already been filled with so much good and yet so many struggles for my family.  I have been so blessed with my health that at times it takes my breath away when I see how others health fails them and they continue to decline.

My brother, who had the brain injury on Christmas Eve, has made what can only be considered to be a miraculous recovery.  He went from having near zero odds for recovery, to a nursing home, to an assisted living home, to temporary living quarters with my sister.  At the beginning of May, he will begin the next part of his own journey in South Carolina with his son watching over him.  We worked with him everyday.  I will tell each of you who reads this, if there is a brain injury, work that brain and do not give up.   They are in there you just have to find them.  Bring them back to you, they are waiting.  He IS back and getting stronger everyday - even driving again!! Now THAT is a miracle.

My aunt was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor and underwent brain surgery.  They removed most of it, but she will now endure the dreaded chemo and radiation cocktail.  I love this woman insanely.  The youngest of seven girls in my mother's family, my brother's and sister's and I could always count on her when it was cold or we were hungry.  I know that she is in God's hands and has good medical care, but I ask that if anyone hears me, please pray for her.

My sister crashed her motorcycle and got banged up with a couple broken ribs. She, thankfully, is doing well. At 59, one would think she would have taken a harder hit, but she is one tough cookie.  She sold that bike the next day. Thank you Jesus!!!!

And I moved, locally.  I still have bone and muscle pain throughout my body so packing, lifting and moving have been ridiculously hard for me.  But I am not complaining.

Whew....we have been crazy busy, right??? I know.  But on a beautiful high note, my son got engaged to his soul mate.  I went with him to pick out the ring and in less than hour set up the dinner and everything as it was not pre-planned at all.  His dad picked up the $600 dinner tab (thank you!!).  It was amazing and Kyle ran and got her father - AND step-father's permission and at dinner, did the complete old-fashioned, down on one knee, will you marry me just like she always dreamed would happen.  As a mother, it was a moment I will cherish in my heart forever.  And sweet Ashley had no idea at all that it was coming.....none.  It was just fabulous.  She thought it was her birthday dinner.

Our 15-year old chocolate Labrador that I drove for hours to get Kyle for his 10th birthday is not well.  April has been so hard!!!!  He had seizures yesterday and of course, I cried.  It will be hard when Russ has to put him down.  Kyle found him on the internet.  Someone dumped "a box" of what turned out to be pups on the highway and they ended up at the shelter at 6 weeks old.  Well, I gave in to Kyle and called to see if they had that pup named "Tucker" and they did, so without telling him, drove to the Iowa border, and they said, "You can pick him up tomorrow, we have to neuter him".  I damn near fainted that day.  Drove all the way home thinking it's a fricking between laughing of course, because I knew my son was going to be over the moon!!

The next day, back I went to get him, only to find out on the way home, in my new SUV, that he was car sick..... Anyway, my post today is dedicated to the unconditional love of our Tucker, who I wish could live forever, but we all know that won't happen.  But, I am sure we will see him again.  He will be wagging his tail waiting for all of us.....