Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ever notice that when your chips are down, life/God has a funny way of bringing little rays of sunshine in the strangest ways. The two most special to me are my boys, and every single day, I thank God for choosing me to be their mother. I swear I still look at them and melt - they are such amazing young men. I believe that throughout this challenge, my prayers will not be so much for myself, but for them, because I realize they too are a part of this journey.

My cousin also called today - for no reason other than to say she ran into a blast from my past and then put him on the phone - this someone I have not seen in over 20 years and I nearly fainted as my heart skipped a few beats.....NEVER saw that one coming LOLOLOL....I must admit though he sure is a fine memory of my formative years.

So, my point for this is that for all the chaos and the crappy hand I've been dealt this month, I am reminded each day of how lucky I truly am. I am blessed with incredibly wonderful children, amazing friends - all over the world, exceptionally kind co-workers and outstanding memories. Wow....God is good.

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