Thursday, March 12, 2015

Has it been that long?

I guess maybe it has. As time has crept by, I thankfully have continued to be NED (No Evidence of Disease).  That does not mean I have been without ailments because I have had my share.  Just not the "C" word - thank God!!!

In celebration of my five years cancer free, my son Brad took me on another cruise with a bucket list item to check off - meeting Trace Atkins.  We were front row and before the concert I DID get to hug him and take a picture with him along with Brad and my ex-mother-in-law.  We took her along as she NEVER has gone on a ship, been to a concert or anything like that.  So actually, giving to her was like a check on the bucket list as well because she had a great time.

I did have a scare with vertigo and at times it still gets to me.  What I found out is that like 85% of the other folks who get it, it is fairly easily fixable, but usually comes back.  After MRIs and such, I was sent to an audiologist who said my "Crystals had come loose and needed to be reset".  In other words, I was officially a dizzy blonde.  After a quick and painless 20 minutes, I was free to go and not dizzy.  Point of this is if you get vertigo, have your doctor check your crystals (ear crystals).

My son is getting married this year. I am so excited to be gaining a daughter!!  She is wonderfully brilliant, talented and beautiful.  Additionally, I am an honorary Gigi to a coming baby, Zander.  And yes, he will surely be spoiled.  Both occasions are scheduled to take place within a month or so of each other.

I have had to fight with VA to get my chest tattooed.  It has been a battle.  The people they sent me to have done one layer of tattooing and I don't know how well it will turn out but it is all I have been offered.  Just keeping my fingers crossed.  Better something than nothing, huh?

Anyway, wishing all of you out there fighting the battle to keep your chin up - to God.  He has your six and knows your plan.  Keep the faith in all that you do and help your body heal.  Eat right, play right, and stay right in your heart.  God bless for many healthy days ahead!!