Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Slightly Annoyed

So, today, I am slightly annoyed. I finally got in to see a local doc to check the "cough" that's been hanging around for months and also my back where the pain has kicked up a few notches - from an accident. This was my morning:

Supposed to see nurse at 0730 and doc at 0800. Saw nurse at 0810 and doc at 0830. Nice - thank you. Doc checks my ears, nose and throat. She tells me it is not good for a woman "my age" to be jogging "statistics say so" and "we end up with all kinds of problems". WTH?? Lady, in case you didn't notice, I'm way ahead of you. Besides, I've been a runner since I was 10 - a little late to tell me that now.

Anyway, she sends me to lab, xray, and pharmacy (in that order and from only two minutes of looking at me). When I asked why the pharmacy, she said to pick up a prescription. I thought it was something I had forgotten to pick up. No problem.

Lab, give blood - check. Xrays, chest and back - check check. Pharmacy, prescription - stop. It's for what? Allergies? Who said I had allergies - WHO EVER did an allergy test on me to prescribe me allergy stuff? NO ONE. Yet in less than two minutes this doctor thought she had me all figured out. Well. slap me on the ass and call me unhappy because I about came unglued right there, but I realized it was not the pharmacists fault.

The prescription is Flunisolide-Nasal. It is for stuffy/runny nose, itchy eyes, nose/throat and sneezing - NONE of which I have. Now the side effects are temporary nose/throat dryness or irritation or COUGH, headache, nosebleeds, sneezing and unpleasant taste/smell may occur. Seriously, I HAVE the cough and it is going to GIVE me a cough? This sounds more like it gives you allergies not that it helps allergies.....She assessed me in less than two minutes and NEVER looked at what she was doing, she just picked up her pen and started writing. I swear to God as I live and breathe.....how do you do that with a cancer patient????

I ended up in the Patient Advocate's office where I should have went LAST TIME after she ordered an ultrasound on the wrong breast. I guess instead of giving a second chance, I should have taken note and run....to the next doctor. Well, now I am. Needless to say, she called back, and apparently my lungs are "normal" and I have "arthritis" in my back....guess the bulging discs that have been there for 10 years have disappeared too. Not sure if I should trust anything.

So, yep I am slightly annoyed. I have always received great care at this facility and now I am questioning it. I want my old doctor back....he knows who he is, I saw him today...please come back.... lol

To close this, I tell you this - as a cancer patient, you MUST be proactive in your own care, this is YOUR life. People make mistakes all the time, help them not make one with you. If they do, take corrective action. We only get one chance at this great life.

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  1. How frustrating to be treated so incorrectly and insensitively! Good for you for going to the patient advocate office. You are so right, one must be proactive and take charge of one's own health and the care of it.