Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's a "Chile" life

Today's blog is not about cancer. It is simple and is dedicated to the 33 miners who are being pulled one at a time from a mine shaft near Copiapo, Chile, after more than 69 days of captivity underground. They have just removed the 12th miner (a 56 yo man) from a tube that is over 8 football fields in length that carried him to safety. The world watches today and I've seen tears of joy from San Francisco to Sri Lanka and I believe that our hearts are united in this - we are all grateful.

I can see the joy spread completely across his face as he realizes all is well. Now, I will sit here and pray and wait for each of the rest of the 21 miners who await rescue. I lost a boyfriend to a mining accident in the 90's. His death was tragic and deeply saddened me. I am so very happy to see that these men are going to be ok and I have no doubt that each one of them have been chosen to do something with their lives. The collapse of the mine was amazing in itself, but then a few of the men told a story about white butterflies leading them to safety inside the steel trailer..Again, I say they have been chosen.

Finally, to those who did not give up and have worked so hard to design the tube and get it down there to arrange the rescue, you have surely earned your wings today.

May you all have a very blessed day.

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