Sunday, October 17, 2010


This weekend has been about allowing my body to recoup. I have had no home work to do, no major house projects, no nothing. So I am just enjoying allowing myself down time.

My pup, Reina will require surgery to her knee which I will have done after the first of the year. She's only two and a half, so her prognosis thereafter is very good. She is like my child so I have no intention of putting her down. When I was sick she never left my side. Somewhere on this site is a picture of her laying on me while I rested on the couch. She was distraught not knowing what to do - but ever faithful, and so I will be with her as she goes through some tough days.

Feeling good. I ran 3 miles on Thursday. It was HARDDDDDD but I did it. Took me much longer than anticipated probably because I attempted it the day after a 2.75 mile run, so I had to walk for a minute, twice. No biggy....Like I said before - baby steps turn into greater steps. These little milestones are all about making my body healthier and stronger on the inside.

Was at an F.I.T (FL Institute of Tech) Wellness program on Friday taking photographs of one of our volunteers and an acupuncturist took my pulse and said to have my doc check my lungs. Interesting she said that as she had no idea what I've been through. I told her and she said it could have been the anesthesia, but to still have my lungs checked. Funny, I'm always trying to clear them. Hmm - check - will do.

You all have a wonderful week. Halloween is almost here, again (thank you, Jesus) and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I am thrilled because I survived to see it - again. YESSS!!!!! Hope, faith, and love........


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  2. If this comment shows up twice, I apologize, my chemo brain is having some trouble. Glad you took the weekend to recoup. You need that time. Happy to hear you have a good four-legged companion in Reina. I have two dogs that always make me feel better.