Friday, October 8, 2010

No to the Mammo

Hello all. Well, I found out recently that I should not have allowed a doc here to perform a mammogram. After six surgeries, complications, and implants, mammograms are not the smartest thing to do on a post breast cancer patient like me. I have not clarified if that is all patients, most, or just me, so right now consider it "sharing".

Additionally, when I received my results, they refer to "ducts' in the left side - not possible; again, I have implants, nothing else. So, now because of all that, I am being scheduled for an MRI in Tampa where my specialist is at, and she is flagging my records that NO mammograms are to be performed on me. Bottom line is that you really cannot see around the implant anyway as they are opaque and all you see is a white round blob. Needless to say, I was annoyed but as far as I can tell, no injury was done to my chest. Still freaks me out a little though because I trusted this other doctor to do the right thing and I shouldn't have. Anyway, forgiven.

On to better things. Last night, I spent a wonderful evening at the Melting Pot with my friend and co-worker Maria, her daughter's Adrienne (BC patient) and Rachel, and some of their friends. We had a nice dinner, massages, parrafins, and other nice treats compliments of Imperial Spa. It was sweet.....and so was the chocolate.

The Quilt - there is finally a winner. Today, we did the drawing for the winner of the handmade quilt to benefit Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. The winner is "Families of the Shield". FOTS is an awesome local law enforcement non-profit group who goes above and beyond to take "care of their own" and families of law enforcement officers. They are truly a wonderful group. Without hesitation, they donated $100 to this fund raiser. I was so thrilled for them and when I emailed Officer John Pasko on FB, "the Good Lord always gives back to his servants"......he emailed me back donating it back to me to give to a worthy cause or individual. Now, I could give it to any one of the 200 people that donated, but the one that stands out the very most to me is a special lady who lost her mother to cancer just a short year ago. It was a terrible thing. The most amazing thing that I didn't even know is that they loved butterflies, and her sister even wrote a book honoring her mom. The name of it? "She Comes to Me in Butterflies". By now, my friend knows this is her, so Liz, I would be completely honored if you would hang this on your dining room wall - just where you showed me you would put it if you won - next to your mother's picture. That would do my heart good. And I hope that everyone else will join me in the joy it will bring to her.

As I have said so often, in so many ways, cancer sucks but thanks to research and wonderful doctors, not all of us will fall to it. It is a true tragedy that anyone loses their life to this dreadful disease in today's day and age so it is imperative that we continue to push hard for research and better care for cancer patients.

My team in Making Strides against Breast Cancer has been doing just that. Together, our beautiful team of 7, has now raised of $4399.00! These ladies are amazing, and I am so grateful to have them helping me. Helping me they are helping research and helping others. Jill, Mary, Angie, Dee, Donna, Adrienne....thank you.

Thank you all so, so, so, much for sharing in this and helping save the lives of breast cancer patients. Hugs to all.

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