Sunday, October 24, 2010

10-23-10 We ALL Made Strides

The "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" event was held in Viera and over 6,000 people showed up - just for this one event. It was awe-inspiring. I saw laughter, tears, hugs, new friends, old friends, and even a lot of co-workers - more than I would have expected.

So did I actually jog the whole event? YES I DID. In 35 minutes actually and I set a personal best record since getting this disease. It was hard, and I carried the medallion and the pink rose they gave me. Each time a piece of the rose fell, I made a wish for someone I knew with breast cancer. The sun was hard on me but I refused to let it get to me this year. I sought shade where possible - although very limited, it did help and the water and gatorade on the road was excellent this year. There were cheerleaders and all kinds of people on the route cheering me on as I ran and it touched my heart - and apparently my legs because I ran faster than normal. Actually, I have to thank the young 20+ yo man who passed me four or five times. After the last time, I thought to myself, "No ya don't, you're not passing me again...." so I kicked it up a notch. Finally, one of our LT's in the PD came and ran in the final 1/8 mile with me - very cool and appreciated. Thank you Marc.

Unknown to me, I would beat some other fine folks that I would never have thought possible. Surely they sat down somewhere, had a Coke, used the rest room, My sister, Sherry, even ran more than of this event. This after having a knee replaced. She rocks. The excitement at this event always far exceeds my expectations and MSABC has become my favorite day of the year. It fuels my faith and hope that I can and will continue to beat this disease. Each day I count down is one more day to living as a free woman. As of today, I am one year, three months and two days breast cancer free. Thank you, Jesus.

I did win an awesome "Fun in the Sun" package that contained a pink lounge chair (awesome!), a lime cooler on wheels (very awesome) and a brilliantly colored bag by Anne Ormsby filled with all kinds of goodies and one over sized lime beach towel. Thank you so much to the people who pulled it together. I love it.

I saw all the ladies that work at ACS who make this event happen. They are to be commended for their hard work. Erica, Anne, Denise, Lana (school) - and so many others behind the scenes. Also, to Pam M., Marketing Director at the Avenues - awesome as usual. I had the privilege of meeting all these women when I was selected for the makeover in August. I met some other wonderful people also. When I was buying tickets to "win" something, I realized that the donations/prizes were going to help an elderly woman with breast cancer. Yep, give me $20 in tickets. Didn't matter if I won or not, I wanted to help her win - the battle. The group of them had such a beautiful accent - I think it was English, but I'm not sure and they were just good decent people. I'm glad I crossed paths with them.

Our group went to Mimi's for breakfast, but I wasn't hungry. I was overheated from the sun and needed something ice cold. I opted for a Cinnamon Mocha Freeze. OMG - it was freaking delicious. I will go back for another of those.... :)

Anyway, I am posting pictures here to share with all of you. I hope that you have attended your local events. If you have the ability to help your local ACS in any way, I say please do so. What they do is offer hope... and that is something I think we can all live with.

Today, I am inspired by the lives of so many others who continue to reach out and touch my life. I hope that I can return that gift as I continue to heal.

Have a blessed and beautiful week.

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