Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One ll More Chemo Down

I had a chemotherapy port placed in my chest early this morning and after a brief recovery, I was sent upstairs for the next scary injection of chemotherapy. I go ta copy of the paperwork of my meds so that when I describe it in another blog here, I can do it corectly.

Although I was given something to relax me, or at least keep my blood pressure down (lol), I was awake for the import. It was uncomfortable, but that is because throughout this ordeal, I've gained a fear of doctors and needles. In other words, I've become a big sissy....go figure. BUT, I still believe I have the best docs and nurses around. Anyway, Dr. Andrews, cut an incision, numbed me, created a "pocket" and put in this lovely little port that will serve as an access point throughout the rest of this ordeal, thus saving what's left of my veins. He stitched the insider first, then glued the outside. I should note that this cancer did not destroy my veins, they've always been tiny and shy making it hard for needles. Almost always a butterfly is used. Anyway, the port can be there for up to 5 years if necessary, but as Dr. Andrews said, "Whenever you have a foreign object in your body, you run the risk of infections." Noted sir. They did a good job, but now I am quite sore this evening. The other part of the port is the cut into a large vein near the clavicle. Yeah, Jeff, the other doc, said he could drive a truck through it - nice. Cut and paste babe, cut and paste - and get out of there. That was all that ran through my mind.

The chemo is already starting to drain me, and on the way home, I picked up my bible and read a special passage. Why was it special you might ask? Because my friend Maureen gave me the small English version bible (better reading) that I can carry in my purse, and my other friend Lilly recommended a passage. Psalms 103. When she did, I told her that I usually just open it and ask God to talk to me. Funny, the EXACT page I opened to was Psalms 103. Out of alllllll the pages in the bible..... think there's a message there. I think so.

My friend Pat, who took me over for my treatment was able to come in to the area and sit and watch what goes on. Even she agrees that it gives you a different perspective from what you think may be going on - and you get to see it up close.
Pat has had her own share of what I'll call medical moments, so she has that special respect for both patients and doctors. I so appreciate her taking her valuable time to help me. Thank you Pat - you are the best!!

Another special moment was seeing Dr. Perez, my surgeon. Just a super Doc! I get teary eyed when I see him, because I know it was through his hands that the cancer was removed from my body. As he walked away, I noticed Bev (nurse) in the hallway and guess what - she had her Fight Like a Girl t-shirt on! I thought that was just too cool. Hopefully, it gives other women who come in there that extra "oomph" to get up, dress up and show up. My first promise to myself was just that, and I'm still trying to keep that promise. Lord, please give me strength.


  1. good luck with chemo! It was way scarier until it started... 1 down, 3 to go.

  2. Godspeed on these treatments!

  3. Let us all hold you up my friend. Let us be your strenghth, your rock. We love you Arla. Thank you for taking the time to let all of us know what this terriable monster is really like. It's not going to go away by ignoring it, people need to smile and give their support. I'm so sorry your having to go through this. God has a plan, I know he does. This journey will help so many others, some you will meet some you might never know. Keep your head high sister! Jeri

  4. Not only will God continue to give you strength, Arla, but I wish you strength through your family and friends.
    Bless you,

  5. Hey girl, hope you are doing okay. I really don't want a port, but I know with 15 possible months of infusions ahead of me, (Herception is a year, plus chemo) they'll probably insist. :(