Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Filled UP!

I returned to Tampa VA today for the doc to check my current "fill" status and review the "girls" to ensure there is no infection going on. According to Dr. Carter, everything looks good! ~ Yay for me ~ So you know what that meant, right? Another fill, although I wasn't quite sure where he could possibly put it!?! Well, let me tell ya - there was room, and Dr. Carter was able to put one full needle in the left side and almost two in the right....oh my gosh, I have these monster boobs right now....sorry, but they are enormous to! Now, I gotta figure out what I'm going to hold them in - I don't think ANY of my bra's will contain them at this point.....

Oh my! I'm often reminded of just how very lucky I am. I ran into another woman who goes there and is almost finished with her reconstruction. She, like myself, has been pleased with the surgeries and treatment. I also met another woman, a new friend, and as we stood around talking waiting on our appointments, she filled me in on how they repaired her nipple area's....I was amazed, albeit fascinated - can't wait for more needles! ha~ Anyway, get this, she grabs my arm and says "You gotta see'em!" so we went into the restroom, and see'em I did...they look great! You couldn't even tell they weren't "real", I have hope! (Had that anyway, but now I have a better visual idea). It was all quite surreal, and the truly funny thing is that so many people have touched or seen my own now that my modesty is about gone so I completely understood her when she did that......God works in mysterious ways.....and as for the men in the hallway listening to our conversation? Priceless....

I surprised my favorite nurses today. Leslie, Kelly, and Bev were all in when my sister and I arrived. I gave them their own "Fight Like a Girl!" T-shirts and they all put them on, so I have new pictures posted. My sister had hers on too!! As usual, people continuously stopped us to ask about the shirt, what it meant, where I got them, etc..... These docs and nurses literally saved my life so giving them each a t-shirt is peanuts and no comparison. I can never truly repay them with anything except my eternal gratitude and praise!

Finally, drivers were nuts from Mel to Tampa and worse on the way back. I-4 is a freaking speedway. If you are not doing 85, you are safest in the farthest right lane. And at that speed, they are only 12 feet off your bumper (max).....stupidity never ceases to amaze me....

My spirits are up and I'm feeling good today, even with these bigger rock hard twins.....LOL! For the record, they have to stretch them more than the size I will ultimately become, that way they will look and feel natural..... I know I'm only "halfway there", but halfway is a whole better than where I was just four crazy months ago.


  1. Arla, That is all great news. I am so happy that things are progressing nicely for you. I will pray that you have many more good days ahead. You have made outstanding progress and you've done it with style, your own way.... I'm happy to hear the girls are coming around... you will have this behind this behind before you no it. I wish I had half of your drive and determination. Please know if you need anything ...just call.
    Your Friend, Donna

  2. God Save You & Protect You Of All Thigs Bad I Pray To God Who Allweys Hear Me & Hear All The Good Pepole To Tacke The Cancer Of Of Your Body
    I Pray & Keep Pray To You You Are Good Woman & Great Mother
    Be Strong As You Alweys Strong
    Have Fath That The God Will Be With You & Thake The Cancer Of Of Your Body
    Amen God
    Omar /Jordan