Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One Down Three to Go

I had my first chemotherapy treatment today. Of course there were minor setbacks that resulted in delays, but in the end all seemed to go well. We arrived at 0830 but had to go sign some consent forms, etc. Then the blood draws, then the mixing of the chemo "cocktail" as they call it and the IV......Oh how I dislike needles.... But, Libby did great! You can see the pictures of today's events - and my new hair as I am posting them. The duration of the day was spent talking to nurses, a Pharmacist, picking up more meds yet, and watching TV. I tried to relax but what I thought about most was time, each minute that passed seemed like an hour. It took 20 minutes for the Dexamethazone to be administered, then it was switched over to the Cyclophosomide which took an hour, and then on to the mean Docataxel - covered in a green protective film to protect it from light. That also took an hour.

I did get some food on my stomach because my other doctor in reconstruction put me on a heavy dose of antibiotics, as we fear the infection in the left breast has returned. I can only hope and pray that it goes away and holds out for another 89 days.... otherwise everything stops and the expanders will have to come out. I could actually care less about that at the moment, all I know is that I have to get through this chemotherapy....that's the top priority. Please help me pray the infection settles down....

I think the worst (or funniest) photo here is when the IV was going in...holy crap!! It felt like - well, I'm not quite sure I can put it into words....what I can say is that I'm lucky I'm getting a port put in on the 30th....whew - then everything in or out will go through that and not what is left of my little bitty veins.

I took my Oprah magazine I bought. I got it to read the last page - "You're stronger than you know". Well, after today's events, apparently I am (as long as you missed the needle picture). While reading it and trying to keep my mind busy, I found Ellen in it too - she's surely getting closer to being on the cover with the Mighty O.... Two women of great courage, life stories, and the true desire to help others and make them laugh. I'm glad they were part of my "life ordeal" today.

I have to thank my sister Sherry most. She's a champ for sure. The last few days I've been fussier than I thought I was and she tolerated it well. Guess I was a little stressed out about today. Thanks, Sher - I soooooo appreciate all that you and Ferell do for me each and every day....


  1. Arla, I just love the way you seem to be taking everything in stride. You are as strong willed as I have ever imagined and will get through this with flying colors. I look forward to seeing you soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you always. Take care my friend.

  2. I love the new doo ! Hang in there girl!

  3. Hey Brave Girl, The hair looks AWESOME!!! Hope the infection/nasties go away soon, I will be praying it does!!! Stay strong, and fight like a girl!!!! Love and prayers, Kathy

  4. Arla,
    Great Doo!!! You look awesome with short hair. It suits you... hang in there girlfriend. I will pray the infection will pass and you can conntinue on the chemo path. Hang in there and remember.....
    You are strong...Army strong!!
    Your Friend, Donna

  5. Your hair looks GREAT. Looks like you made it through your first pretty well, aside from the time taking longer than it seemed. I'm so happy to hear that the infection seems to be somewhat clearing up and I will pray that it continues to do so. You are doing so great. I see you're wearing the prayer cross (yea!!) - We got for you, just for that reason!!

    I miss you and love you dearly,