Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Sister-In-Law

I first met my sister-in-law, Penny, when she was eight years old and I went to St. Louis to meet my husband to be(s) family. What a little beauty she was, and still is. I was always so fond of her and wanted to be protect her at all costs, although I can't say I did a great job....Last night, she reminded me of a time I got her in trouble with her mom...My bad..Sorry, Pen...really, really sorry....I was only 19 myself....I still love her, and the rest of my in-laws deeply. They are a wonderful family that I am proud to be a part of.

Anyway, a week ago, we talked and she told me that her husband had just been diagnosed with Stage 3 Lung Cancer. I almost fainted...Not to Penny, please Lord, don't do this to her, she's a GOOD woman. We talked for a long time, and I did my best to encourage her to keep her chin up and believe not only in miracles but medicine. Times have come a long way with how they can treat cancers and other ailments. My heart deeply ached because I knew exactly how she felt - lost, in disbelief, completely numb..... AND she just found out she is going to be a grandmother....before ME!!! What's up with that anyway?? Just kidding (my) boys - take your time.

To round this out, she called last night and said it was a misdiagnosis!! Apparently, Tom has some sort of infection or pneumonia that he will be treated for. I gather that this type of misdiagnosis rarely happens and I was stunned, grateful, and so happy for her. I felt absolute joy for Penny and Tom...I think I cried for 10 minutes after we hung know that they have more precious time together, without interference from this or any disease. Wow, it really made my whole day.

Today has been an odd day for me. I didn't sleep well and got up early to go to the store with my sister. I have to get everything I will need by Tuesday evening for at least a week to protect myself. Still looking to make sure I have what I need. Sure don't need have been so tired, unlike anything before now. So, I am taking everything slow and easy and I have rested most of the day. There is some swelling and minor aches and pains that I'm dealing with, but I still feel blessed. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend....


  1. Good morming Arla, Just dropping in to say hi. I am glad to hear that your SIL husbands diagnosis was wrong!! I hope you are having a good weekend. I am glad to hear you are resting it will help to rebuild your strength. Take care Jackie

  2. I love your hair. You just glow. Once again I am always here for you..I might not have been able to see you at the lunches but you are in my thoughts, always. You are doing so well!!!! You make sure you don't push to hard....because sometimes it will set you back...know your body...which I think you sure do.