Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 3 after Chemo

Hi all! Well, I am on day three after receiving my first chemotherapy treatment. I have had a bit of indigestion, quite a bit actually, but am hanging on to everything. I will not be able to eat raw or undercooked foods for some time, for obvious reasons that there may be something left on the food that could place my system in harm's way. I have to be careful with everything I do now, including food, touches, exercise,

I am faithfully taking the heavy antibiotics given to me for the return infection in my breasts and this morning I felt a little bit of relief. The redness appears to be going away, and the swelling actually went down. Never thought I'd want to hear that after having them both removed, but thank you, Jesus!! LOLOL

Next week, starting on Wednesday, is my "weak week" - week 2. This is where is the white blood cell count is most compromised, so I will be extra vigilant during each of those weeks of the four sessions I must undergo. After that comes week 3 and I should be feeling pretty good, just enough time for them to zap me again....So what do I have to say about that? Bring it on, I want to live!!!!

I sent Oprah my new haircut picture with my first chemo treatment. Her O magazine has a great article, "You're Stronger Than You Know"....and it just seemed to fit my day and my hopes for myself, to stay strong throughout this journey. So as the minutes ticked by one by one, and I tried not to clock watch by reading her magazine. It helped the two and a half hours go by just a little faster....


  1. Arla, it is great news to hear you got a little relief this am and that the redness is going away. I hope that you have a blessed weekend! You are in my thoughts and prayers!! Jackie

  2. Thanks, God bless you, Jackie. Each day brings with it a new set of challenges. Today I was very exhausted, more so than I thought possible but I continue to be thankful for each moment that I can be up and going because I have already witnessed how grueling chemo can be watching others undergo their treatments. I desperately hold onto the saying here to the right, "She whispers, I'm afraid of falling", He smiles, "I'll catch you." That is my attitude and I know the good Lord will see me through this. I hope you are doing well, know that I think of you and keep you close in prayer.