Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quicker Picker Upper

Well, yesterday was kind of a "quicker picker upper day" - yeah, just like the paper towels. That Nick fella is an amazing young man. The video drew me in and wiped away my tears (cuz my new(er) girls felt like they wanted to explode!). They still seem so swollen but I am sure they will want to put more "stuff" in tomorrow, hence, more sleepless nights. Hey, it's starting to look good on me though! Had my hair trimmed to the shoulders today. It seems that it will stand a better chance of survival if it is shorter. So be it then.

Tomorrow, I go back to Tampa to get these dang drains "ripped" out of my chest - one in each side. I've been quietly praying that just one woman would say, "Hey, don't worry it's not so bad", but generally it seems they get a little pale just talking about it and a cuss word follows....oh yyaayy for me, one more great life experience to make note of and write about. I'll just thank God if I don't clock the Doc!! Just kidding of course - but I will definitely have to have to something in both hands that is firmly in place to prevent reaction.

Hmmnn...sure am missing my co-workers as of late. You all are a great group. For the ladies in Admin: Angie - Chocolate is futile; have a nuts and berries for me, please. Donna - Sure, when I'm better. Mary - please relax, take Jax and Gabby for a walk!! :) And Dee - thank you for handling that, I appreciate it!

Wishing you all a great rest of the week! Don't forget to thank God for all the miracles you are witness to. I see them all around now....


  1. Just think how good you'll feel after the drains are out of your body; it'll all be woth the short time of pain probably. Maybe you'll be even closer to weatring that new bra you have posted out there! Love Ya! Sherry

  2. The drain coming out wasn't fun but was very quick. Take an advil or something first. But the pain relief was instantaneous - I felt better just driving home after the damn thing came out. Good luck!

  3. Hey girl, glad to hear you are doing so well. With your good attitude and spunk, I know you will have a good recovery. Sorry I did not write sooner, but I'm not "blog" savy and had to have Lilly walk me thru it. Please do know that I have been praying for you and hope to see you soon. Maria

  4. It was great seeing you today, Arla! You look absolutely wonderful...and to me, you are such a HUGE inspiration. As always, my thoughts and prayers are with you! Never forget, I am here for you any time at all.