Sunday, August 2, 2009

Minor Setback

Well, as things go, I had a minor setback yesterday. It is the one thing you don't want to happen during recovery. Aside from being incredibly exhausted, I started running a fever and thought the new girls would explode. Overnight, it jumped up to 101.5, which is usually an indication that there is an infection or something. I took a Tylenol around 3am as my head was killing me, and by 8am, my temp was back down to 99.7. Thank goodness.

I guess I've probably been doing a little more than I should, but life continues to go on - and so does dust and dogs! :) I am going to look at it as a gentle reminder to take it very easy.

My sister went back home to Virginia yesterday. I'm so glad she was here. She has been through this already and was a great source of information and comfort.

As for today, I will step back and take it easy so as not to upset this delicate healing period.


  1. Yes take it easy. Surgery like this definitely justifies a daily nap as well as being waited on by anyone who passes by. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Thank you so much. It is so hard to rely on others as I've always been self-sufficient, but I am sure learning. Have a great week - here's to wishing away your black cloud!

  3. Arla - feel free to borrow anything from my blog... Thanks for reading it! Caroline

    PS I love your new purple bra!

  4. Thanks - notice it's winking back! :)