Friday, August 28, 2009

Moving Forward

I had a visit with my Oncologist here in Melbourne today. I will be adding his photo to the blog here as part of my "team". We discussed several things and I found that I will need to get the Swine Flu shot when it comes out in October to help protect my compromised system. I won't change my diet, although most foods will taste pretty bad. He just encourages me to eat what I can with the exception of raw or undercooked foods. Good advice there.

I realize that this whole thing sets me back six months (or a year total), but when I really think about it I think, "six months....from what?" My degree? Work? My children? No, I've decided that this is not setting me back, it is helping me take a step forward for the next several years of my life. So taking things a little slower for awhile is okay by me. And all I ask of anyone is patience....and faith.

I also talked to my doc about my thesis for my Master's degree. I asked him that from a physicians standpoint, which would he rather read: Information on Triple Negatives or Breast cancer and how it affects the lives (livelihood) of those it touches? He said he'd rather read about how patients learn to manage their day to day lives (i.e., work, family, homes). Believe me, everything changes and most of it I no longer stress over.

So, here's my charge to all of you....Of those two subjects, what would you rather read about? And if there's anything else you would like to add, please, please, feel free to do so. I don't just want to write any thesis paper, I want to write a GOOD one! Cheers~


  1. trials and tribulations of being a top kick.
    handle everyday life on a positive basis


  2. I think you should write about how cancer not just how it affects your life, but your loved ones, your family, your friends and include the research you know and the things that have changed and will continue your change as a person, your faith, your new outlook on life and priorities it has changed in your life, if any priorities have changed. Make it something that will help other women (and men) of what they may expect from the cancer victim, their family, everyone in your life that you love. Tell your story from beginning to recovery. That's my take on it - no only writing about it will help you, it will help many many people. Who knows - your thesis might even go further and be actually published!!! Even if not, I'd order it from your school library and pay for it.

    I'm glad that everything is going well. I know it's a slow process, but like you said...six months to a year from what? "this is not setting me back, it is helping me take a step forward for the next several years of my life." I believe it's not just a step, it's several steps forward.

    Love you girl,

  3. Debbie Loveday-KarnerAugust 30, 2009 at 8:33 AM

    Just write about your experience and how you have handled it with your positive attitude that you have. Reading it in a postitive light will help so many that are going through the same thing to get through it!

  4. Thanks for the input. That is how I feel about it as I just have to work it into a "Management/Leadership"

  5. You not only should write about how this affects you, your friends and family, but you need to write it. It will be your therapy. It will also be good to let your doctors and nurses read it. Some forget about the patient and their feelings. It could prove to be an eye opener to them. Seems like you have a great team on your side so I don't think your'll have a problem. Still it will be a view from your side and not theirs. Miss you and hope to talk to you again soon. God Bless. Jeri