Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back Home!

Well, yesterday's (Monday, Aug 18th) surgery went pretty well and they let me come home. They opened up both breasts with specific attention to the left side. I had way too much fluid built up and they needed to ensure it was not a major infection. The "stuff" was sent for culture to make the determination. They also removed some fluid from the expander on the left side to give my breast a better chance to heal. They also put in another drain on the left side.....bummer....another new hole...lol Anyway, they were able to leave the expander in for right now and I'm hoping this will clear up very quickly because I was really hurting both before and after the surgery. BUT, it also gave Dr. Albear the opportunity to make a better closing on both sides - which I understand scarring will be more minimized (I think).

Back on pain medication for a little bit. Geesh, I know I'm going to get through this but I hate taking antibiotics and painkillers as my stomach is now always upset.

This time I will return to get the drain out on Monday (instead of two weeks) and then back over there again on Wednesday to have them recheck everything. I'm back to no driving until further notice, which means I may miss my first night of class for this next semester. That's the pits because I want to get through this one last class....maybe my awesome son will take me.....I hope, I hope, I hope....


  1. Arla, I'm glad to hear your home and recovering......even well enough to think about school.....what night is your class? I will be there on Wed and am willing to pick you up if you need a ride. Just give me a call.... 698-9545. Anytime.
    Donna Nero

  2. Thanks Donna, but my class is on Thursday's this semester. Appreciate the offer though! Hope you are doing well! Take care.

  3. Glad to hear that you are feeling up to going to class. This in itself it a MAJOR positive!!! Remember to keep the faith, and know that you are in my prayers always and all ways. Kathy F