Friday, July 10, 2009

New friend

I have a new friend! Her name is Susan and she is a survivor. Yesterday, 9 July, we had such a good conversation and I came away from the phone call feeling refreshed, hopeful, and inspired. This woman, my age, has been through so much already, and yet in her voice, I can hear her positivity, and feel her faith. Until that moment, I didn't realize how important it was for me to surround myself with survivors. There is also another woman, Delores, who recently had a double mastectomy, and she said her pain was very minimal - in her case, I am certain there was divine intervention! :)

Anyway, I feel hope, and faith, and I am really, really believing that I can beat this. I have asked God many times for a sign, to show me something that will help lead me, or guide me through these dark hours, and I believe he has done just that.....
Thank you, Jesus!


  1. Hey fellow vet sister ! You hang tough. I know you will beat this thing. Remember that even in your darkest hours, God will never forsake you.

  2. Thank you - I SOOOO believe that.

  3. Yes, go find other breast cancer people (I hate the word survivor). We are everywhere and can offer the best support. For a weekend retreat try - I went last year and it was the single most important thing I did - I think it changed my whole focus. I also have an informal group of cancer friends, I call them, and we have dinner or coffee weekly. In addition, I go to a therapist monthly and she is also a BC person. Find any one you can, and hang out with them. Ask a social worker where you are treated for support groups, etc. Its so much easier when you aren't alone.

  4. thank you, Caroline. I did not realize how much I needed to hear from others, how it would make me feel better about my own situation.

  5. thank you again for sharing your story