Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Here we go

Hey everyone.

The nurse just came & advised that they were about to make the first cut on my mom. Just wanted to let you all know that once the surgery is complete & they tell us any updates, i'll make sure to update the blog. Thank you all for your thoughts & prayers.



  1. Brad, know we are there with you in spirit. Thanks for the update. AND PLEASE let us know if you need ANYTHING!!

    Donna Nero

  2. I know Brad hasn't has a chance to post anything, but he called me - the surgery went well. They found two lymph nodes that looked suspicious, but tests turned out to be negative (YEA!!!). She was still in surgery when Brad called and they were starting the beginning stated of her reconstructive surgery. He said he would update the blog as soon as he gets a chance to. He won't be able to see his mom for another hour or two (this was about 30 minutes ago). But Arla came through it great, with great results!!!

  3. Brad It's Kelly McEvoy from St.Louis So it's good news for the most part? I love all you guys!! You are all in my prayers!! I know you guys are taking good care of your momma!! Please call me if you need anything!!! Day or night if even to talk!!! Give her big kisses from me!! No hugs it might hurt her!! All my love & prayers!!!! 314-791-5324