Saturday, August 14, 2010

Making Strides

I have almost reached my current goal of $300 for the ACS Making Strides Campaign. When I make that, I will up the ante some - maybe to $400 if I have enough time. Everyone has been very supportive to me during my quest to raise funds to continue to support research for breast cancer and I'm very grateful.

This organization goes all out every year to help support the American Cancer Society and having had four members (including myself) of my immediate family with cancer, (both my parents succumbed to it) I honestly believe that our best shot at a healthy future is going to be based on research. I also want there to be a difference for others - I want there to be a cure so no one has to endure breast cancer.

Again, many thanks to all who continue to support this wonderful organization, your money will be wisely used for research.....

God bless!

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