Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Big Day ahead

Well, tomorrow will be a big day, but today I got big news. My CA 15-3 Cancer marker news came back good - it was a 6! The other test, CA 27.29 came back as a 16, which means that I am still in remission and good to go. Thank you, Jesus, for giving me one more reason to be grateful for this day.

I was in my car leaving the aquatic center where I was taking photo's of our Dive Team doing annual testing when I got the call. When I hung up, the tears flowed. It's hard to explain because I am full of hope that I will continue to beat this and get back some sense of normalcy, but just hearing that everything is "ok" resonates very deep in me and I know that my hope and faith, and the prayers of everyone is really, really working.

Tomorrow is my big day. Making Strides and the American Cancer Society is providing me and 5 other ladies with a wonderful makeover in Viera. I am looking forward to it.

Have a wonderful evening! I'll post pictures from tomorrow and this weekend's event later this weekend! Hugs~

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