Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lucky Me!

We did the "Relay 4 Life" this past weekend and what a joyous occasion it was. First, I need to give serious high-fives to all the students who were out there supporting this event. Wow, my cup runneth over... I couldn't believe the support - it was fantastic. And to the teachers and others who put the event on - what a great job! My bosom buddy, Adrienne, was there for a majority of the day and into the evening. She stayed for the Luminaria candle lighting ceremony. I don't know how she made it, but she has the strength of a hundred angels.....

I had preop on Thursday, so I stopped by the Casino and lucky me, I won $200!!! Yayyyy!! I took it and ran right out the door, which is something I don't often do. I put it away for the Relay and I purchased tickets to all the little things that people at the event were raffling off. I figured if I won, it was meant to be, and if not, it was still meant to be because it was all for research for cancer..amen, amen and AMEN! After hitting a concrete wall (figuratively) late in the evening, I left to rest for a couple hours and returned at 0600, just in time to hear an announcer say, "Ms. Arla.... YOU are the proud new owner of the hottest new Ipad!!" Yep, I won an Ipad for a single $10 ticket purchase. How about that.... I took a picture and texted it to my boys to show it off.....HA! That went over well... LOL! What fun.

I still feel so very blessed for each moment I have....even though I learned my son, Kyle, will be leaving to go back to St. Louis. I am deeply saddened, but I believe he should learn his dad's company, and be close to where his grandma is. I should reconsider things at some point as well. I love my boys so much....but hate that weather.

Lucky me - my home computer bit the dust, self inflicted. Took everything with it. Homework, thesis, all my old school work, all my pictures, etc...Wow, I am still having a hard time reconciling this, but cannot dwell on it....A classmate advised that I sent her my thesis as a guide and she still had it....THANK YOU JESUS!!!! It will be much easier to recreate....Lucky me, yet again....

Have a blessed week all....much love.


  1. The weather may suck, but we'd love to have you closer to us so we can visit you more!!


  2. Honey, there's not a day that goes by that I don't wish I could pack up and drive north.... I love my sister and the weather here, but being without my boys is difficult.