Sunday, April 18, 2010

Catching Up

So, I caught up on my taped shows today and watched an Ellen show from this past week. It was about "Larry" the whale - a whale who escorted a woman raising money to support breast cancer by paddling (basically) on a surf board?? That is not what you call it but I'm having a fog moment here....

Anyway, I was walking on my treadmill and as I live and breathe I SWEAR I heard God say, "See, there are miracles all around you".....and it was so real that it made me cry. It stopped me in my tracks. A single encounter with a playful whale has continued to bring so much needed emphasis on this cancer. And bless that woman for giving so much of herself to do that for her friend. Google it if you have a minute - it was an amazing moment with nature.

When we quiet ourselves from the outside world long enough, we can see and hear what really matters most.... Have a blessed week.

OH - and if you are local, please visit the PAL Center behind the Jr/Sr High School in Satellite Beach, on April 24th to see Operation NOW (Not on Our Watch) in action. The mission is to educate our youth in the hopes to prevent losing them to distracted driving. Rene' Rubiella, President, and Founder is a guest on my show this month. (NASA channel 49, Wednesday and Sunday evenings) I hope we can help your children be a little safer out there on the roads. God bless!

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