Monday, April 12, 2010

Police Hall of Fame Patriotism Award

April 8, 2010 was a big day - yet I never saw it coming. I was acknowledged with a President's National Police Hall of Fame Patriotism Award, written and submitted by the members of "Families of the Shield".

It was presented at our Annual Department Meeting last Thursday and I almost fell over. To give you an idea of just how stunned I was, nearly anything can engage my tears nowadays, even a turtle crossing the road...but I couldn't even cry or talk. I am rarely - and I mean rarely, ever speechless, but I was. All I could manage was a meek and humbled thank you and a slight nod to our superior officers to hang in there that things are looking brighter every day. And with that, a standing ovation. Really? I mean, seriously - for me? I am the one in awe of them.....unbelievable.

I still get chills reflecting on the special moment. Melbourne Police Officer John Pasko, you are a very kind person. Thank you for even thinking of me, but more so, taking the time to write such an amazing nomination letter and the photographs - WOW! I am still blown away. One of those photo's (at right) truly reflect my journey down this path with breast cancer. So many times I have felt so alone, but yet, I know that the good Lord has been right here beside me along and just knowing that, I feel stronger, and loved, and fear no evil. That one picture says so much, not just about me, but also about him, my friend and co-worker (John) who put so much effort into this award.

LT Loos said the look on my face when he called my name was priceless. I'll bet it was. :) It was definitely one of those WOW moments in my life.... thank you so much John and Families of the Shield.....

Oh, by the way, my second CA15-3 cancer mark test came back.... at a "7" - that is great news!!!! I am one more day closer to being out of the woods. July 17th will be one year cancer free.....hmmm, I'm even thinking about changing my birthday this year to that day and throwing a big to all - have a wonderful week!


  1. You go Girl!!! Have two birthdays.... you deserve them!! You are my hero...
    Your Friend, Donna

  2. I too think you should have two birthdays.....

    Celebrate them both with wild abandon! You are such a survivor!