Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A combo for TNBC?

New news has been posted that may help triple negative breast cancer patients.  According to Medpage Today, researchers are stating that Avastin plus Taxol works just as good for TNBC as it does for non-TNBC patients.  I think that is promising news.

One thing this DOES indeed say is this:  Researchers are working diligently towards finding a cure, not just for a single type of breast cancer, but even for the most hardy cancers, and this is awesome.  Triple negative patients generally have a shorter life span than does non-triple negatives, BUT, take heart, there are so many different treatments being formed for now that the cancer is actually beginning to respond to treatment.  Ten years ago it didn't respond to anything and women just passed away.

As for me, I have been quite tired as of late, but I have learned to recognize when I am overdoing it, and I guess if I am honest with myself, either I haven't gotten enough rest each night, or I have gotten too much rest.  Either way, I'm kind of blah, but I know it's a phase I just have to get myself out of. 

I also cannot figure out why on earth I am craving chocolate.  And Lord knows I have eaten my share of it too - shame on me - bad chocolate!!  Never in my life have I craved chocolate.....and it sure isn't helping my cause any....... any idea's??

Have a great week and hang tough....people are working hard to take care of YOU!



  1. Eat dark chocolate -- DOVE dark chocolate squares -- they are suposed to be healthy for you. If you want to get a little "wild" go for GRIMALDI dark chocolate covered potato chips. In moderation..... :)
    Sue B.

  2. Oh my gosh, you had to say Grimaldi's didn't you? hahaha - they just happen to be five minutes from where I work.... :) Thanks for the recommendation. I might just try that.