Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Breast Cancer Risk vs. Heart Health??

OK ya'll....I need to get this "off my chest", so hold on.....Another "new" study has been published by the American Medical Association that states: "Even moderate drinking increases a woman's breast cancer risk".  Seriously, this after finding out that it also helps the heart by reducing the risk of heart disease.  

Of course, their study doesn't tell women not to drink at all, I mean, why would it?  It seems to me that these "doctors" getting grants (or whatever) and performing studies provide more confusion than conclusions.  

I would like to know how long this particular study endured for Dr Wendy Chen be able to conclude that the alcohol intake "over a long period of time" (lifetime) increases the breast cancer risk".  I listened to her on WKMG, Channel 6, this morning and was blown away by this PhD's responses.  She never had any solid information, only "recommendations" such as "reduce the alcohol intake to several per week".  Ok, I give - just what does that mean?  I myself have an education and would be afraid to explain THAT sentence to anyone.

Quite frankly, if you can't tell, I am exhausted with studies and the conclusions that "everything" leads to breast cancer.  Yep, it does.  Now that we know that, stop saying it and scaring the crap out of women, young and old.  We would benefit our communities much more if we focused on how we fix the breast cancer issue instead and find a flipping cure.  

Finally, oh educated ones, seven surgeries later and waking up every day seeing a "new study" is actually old.  I live with the fact of wondering if today will be the day IT returns, so, please stop screwing around with maybe's and possibilities and start providing real conclusions - or better yet - solutions - for breast cancer.  Only then will women stop having to have their breasts removed from their chest or worse - dying.


  1. All these studies are a load of crap. One says one thing and another says the exact opposite. I have given up and am sitting here with a glass of wine...

  2. Yay for you Caroline - I love it! I do believe I shall join you and raise a glass this evening myself. I'm not much of a drinker, but at this point, I think it's good for the heart! :) Cheers!