Friday, October 7, 2011

Two Years, Four Months, Five Days

I know, you are asking yourself, "What kind of title is that?" Well, for me, it's an important one.  Two years, four months, and five days ago, I received that dreaded call sitting in the same chair in my office that I sit in now.  I remember that feeling as my breath was sucked out of me and my thoughts became garbled in four words, "You have breast cancer".

I had never really been sick before then - I mean really sick, like what this unknown person on the other end of the phone was telling me, and every radar antenna I had went up and all defenses turned on.  Just like that.  I didn't know how, I didn't know where, I didn't even know what I needed to do, but I did know one thing - I was going to fight.

So, I have gone back on this day of surviving two years, four months and five days as a triple negative BC patient and re-read some of my posts.  I also looked at the photographs again, wow, it's been an amazing journey I must say.    I've made myself laugh at some of the things I wrote, and then with some of the others, well, I must apologize, for surely the medication was kicking in and my spelling wasn't the best.  But, the reason I went back to look was to see if I had been keeping my promise to myself, and more importantly to YOU - have I reflected my "get up, dress up, and show up" attitude.  I think I have, and Lord knows, I've been honest for sure. Sometimes too honest, but I refuse to lie to you.  The truth is what it is and you deserve nothing less than that and my mutual respect. That is the mother and soldier in me.  

Anyway, I thank Jesus, for helping me through this and giving me two amazing children and a sister who I could not have done this without.

Finally, it is October so reach out to every woman you know and remind her to get her mammogram.  Do it verbally, on email, here on a blog, and on face book, too.  "We" want more birthdays than ever before.  Do you want a good dose of hope?  I took a photo of a woman who was diagnosed with BC in 1976. The tumor was the size of her breast so she had a mastectomy.....and she is still with us.  Now how's that??? You should be smiling now.... go ahead, you can do it. :)



  1. I just don't know how 'd do it without God in my life..and am blessed with so many loving family and friends....
    Some day 'll go back and read Two Years, Four Months, Five Days and thank God too

  2. That's the way to see life!! :) And until then, for each day, we are grateful.