Friday, October 21, 2011

A Third Walk

Tomorrow will be my third walk as a breast cancer "survivor".  I've been a survivor all my life, but being in this group is different because your status can change on a dime.  You have to keep your thoughts and spirits positive because according to science, your body will act/react to your thoughts/moods, etc.  This is not to say that anyone can think themselves healthy or think themselves sick, it is just to say that positivity breeds positivity and vice versa.

The calendar I have been working on for the last few weeks is almost done.  We have one photo shoot left and it is complete. I am excited! We already have about 20 orders for them - and that doesn't include what I shall get for my own family.  I designed them with one word in mind:  HOPE.  And then used a survivor for each month. 

I'm thrilled to still be here to walk tomorrow. Each step for me is symbolic of the all steps taken to get here to this day, to walk with the other survivors.  And, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to do so.....I hope to see you there....I am uploading a one of the hope pictures I recently took - I have to thank Trisha with TC Photography.  She has done a wonderful job with the pictures.  If you would like a calendar, they will be $15. All proceeds will go to Making Strides to help patients with appointments, mammograms, chemo, and other important necessities.


  1. Hope and Faith is what it's all about.
    Let me know when the calendar is done.
    Cant wait to see it

  2. Just saying hello. Thanks for being an inspiration.