Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Well, another day and another MRI. Nothing bad I hope, but I have had this awful nagging backache for some time now. Aside from having some back pain prior to cancer, I was hit by a pick-up truck and I have fallen - twice. I didn't just fall though, my feet went out and I went down *poof* - it was one of those "What the heck just happened?" moments - both times.

So, because of the never ending pain that keeps me up at night, I had an MRI (thanks Leslie!). The timing was good because I go to see my Oncologist next week. I have been feeling pretty good, too, so I am hopeful that all is well and as progressing as it should be. I take vitamins daily - including C and D and I walk for 30 minutes!! My hairdresser says my hair is growing "crazy fast"

I have this crazy chocolate craving though that just doesn't go away. The only thing I've found to counter it is a fruit bowl from Publix. They have the best fruit.... ever. Aside from helping with the craving, it is a natural sugar boost.

My cousin is doing well from her bilateral, and an old supervisor will have hers on Monday. Is it just me or does breast cancer seem to be going around like the flu? I bet if you stopped to think about it, you could name at least a handful of people - men and women, who have either had it in the past, or recently been diagnosed with it. At first, I thought I didn't pay any mind to the sheer numbers of it because it did not affect me personally, but that is not it. Everyday, more and more women are diagnosed with this dreadful disease. Thank God for great (and continuing) research. That is probably part of the growing diagnosis/equation - the ability to diagnose at earlier stages. Which means, more lives can be saved long term.

Anyway, ladies - listen up. Your gentle reminder....If you have not scheduled your mammogram, please do so. You are loved and this one simple test can save your life! I am living proof of it. If you don't have time to call right now, at least write it down on your calendar to make the appointment - YOU are worth it.

Hugs to all.


  1. I'm betting your MRI will be just great! Bad backs do hurt. I know. It does seem like breast cancer's an epidemic now, and I don't think it's because we're more aware of it, do you?

    Wishing you All God's Blessings,

  2. I hope your MRI turns out fine
    Hi, I'm Debbi and I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer 6-23-2011.And will have a double mastectomy 7-14-201
    I will be reading your blog. I just started one too.

  3. Have you heard anything yet?
    I hate the waiting on all the tests.
    I am still praying for good results