Saturday, July 10, 2010

Goodbye, my friend

This was a difficult week for me. My friend, Joyce Atkins, who was diagnosed with breast cancer right around the same time as I was, died Monday, from complications of another surgery. Her daughter Theresa called me. It was so unexpected that as I was talking to her, I began to cry. I just couldn't believe it, I had just talked to her two weeks ago and although she looked exhausted (don't we all), she was chipper. So, the rest of my thoughts this day are dedicated in memory of her.

Fast food or Pot roast. Sometimes, we are called upon to do things that we don't want to do, and often, it takes much longer than we want it to take. It is painful and it tests our patience and our sanity (and that of our loved ones!). But the challenges presented upon us are what make us exactly who we are, exactly the way God intended us to be, and so my question for you today is, do you want fast food or pot roast? Personally, I want pot roast and if that means I have to endure this a little longer, because there is meaning in HIS eyes, then there MUST be meaning to it, somewhere, somehow. And that is exactly what I think my friend Joyce would want all of her friends and family to believe as well. Choose the pot roast. Take your time and live your life one day at a time and be happy with what you we don't know what tomorrow holds. Love your family and friends for who they are, not what you want them to be. Love yourself, exactly the way you are, not the way you wish you could be. Tomorrow will come, by fast food or pot roast and I hope that you savor each and every moment. I will miss my friend, Joyce, but I believe she was called home when it was her time.

Other than that, I think I might have another infection. I'm trying not to be down about it. Again, I'm thinking pot roast. After all, I have to remain positive, as that is half the battle, right. My other bosom buddy, Adrienne, finished chemo and is getting ready to start her radiation. Please keep her in your prayers. She is Stage 4 with metastasis to the back. Her daughter Emma, 8, is growing wise beyond her years. I hope that as the summer progresses you can find an extra dollar to donate towards my Making Strides for the American Cancer Society campaign this year. One day, women around the world will not have to worry about breast cancer, I hope, I hope, I hope......Until then, I will continue to battle against the beast and pray for a cure. I will post my link on the next writing.

Hugs to all.....

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