Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The New Year

Well, the holidays were a joy, albeit busy, but I savored every single moment as I realize things could have been different this year.

I am still under doctor's care and require yet another surgery, but it should go smoothly. I have an upcoming CT Scan that will likely determine whether there is anything else going on in my body - that and a CA15-3 blood test. Personally, I "feel" all is good.

My co-worker's daughter got great news - in lieu of being a Stage 4, they staged her at a 2B. The difference in the two stages is vast and could very well be the difference in her life. I was so pleased upon hearing her news that even though I don't really know the young woman, it overwhelmed me into tears.

My thoughts for the New Year are this - maybe in the past, I was just moseying and getting by, but I am more determined than ever to really live life and not just merely exist in it. (I recently heard that from a friend)....

I hope that you too choose to enjoy and savor every single moment you are granted - life changes so quickly. Thank God for all the miracles....

Cheers to the years ahead! Happy New Year and love to all!!


  1. Arla,
    My glass is held high in HONOR of you! You are an inspriation to me and many others I'm sure. I am thankful and grateful we met and you decided to share your journey! Cheers to you, your recovery and many many more years of your zest for life...
    Love, Your Friend, Donna

  2. "I am more determined than ever to really live life and not just merely exist in it."

    What an amazing quote. Such a great outlook on life. Looking forward to reading future entries!