Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fun conversations

Well, yesterday morning, my doctor put me in "isolation" if you will. He told me, go home, go to bed, and stay there for a few days. Your blood counts are way off and your white blood cells are very low at 1.9. Essentially, I have nothing to ward off here I sit.

I did have to pick up my son at the airport last night and I took his car thinking I was picking up him and his friend that went with him. Well, it took me longer than expected to get there and that was ok because he got to wait on me for a change! HA!

Anyway, while driving, my ex-husband called and there must have been quite a conversation that took place during Kyle's visit because, he and his wife were concerned. We must have talked, and laughed for 30 minutes. He reminded me of old times and expressed their support. It did my heart so much good. For many years we have had what I would consider to be a good relationship. I always loved him, I just couldn't live with him. And his wife, Lori, well she's pretty special, too. He could have done so much worse and if something does go bad with me, I feel safe knowing that she will do whatever she can to hold our family together. This I believe. I think that little trip last night was a special gift from God, reminding me of my past and my present. One thing I thought a bit strange was that he wanted a photo of me - with my bald head. He said it signified my strength. Strength my a** - more like sheer fear and determination to annihilate the enemy within. But I really appreciated his thoughts....hmm, who knows, maybe I'll send them one. Lori and I talked and laughed for awhile as well. She really is a funny woman - and I genuinely appreciate her support. I'm so glad we are friends.

Today....homemade Italiano Rigatoni....yummmm! Already ate some - couldn't take the aroma anymore - HAD to try it. It rocked....

Happy Halloween and love to all! Cheers~

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  1. It was great talking to you today. Remember, if you start feeling the least little bit of tiredness, etc - LEAVE WORK!! I personally don't think you should go, but it's your choice and only you know what you think your body can and can't handle at this point. I'm so proud of you Arla and you have given me so much more insight as to life being a gift and not letting the "small stuff" bother me. Not saying your cancer is a gift, but your relizations about everything life is, everything life has to offer - to embrace it, every sweet moment of life - therefore your realizations hasn't just been a gift for you, it's a gift for a lot of us and I thank you so much for sharing it. Big hugs are being sent to you from your former "home"...Alabama.

    Love you bunches,