Friday, February 17, 2012

A Kiss from God

Great news this morning. I looked at my email and received word that another local patient/friend, Kristen, was told by her doctor that she is cancer-free!!!  This is truly a great day for her and I hope you all dance a little dance for her because this is BIG.  She has been in a huge battle and has two babies....this news is like a kiss from God telling her, "You are ok, honey, I got this".....Especially considering she was Stage 4 when diagnosed.

Kristen is a shining example of faith and hope and how we walk through this day after day and just keep on keeping on. From the day I first met her, and we were all scared, to now.  Today, I am just so, so pleased that my cup runneth over for her and her family. We lost one friend recently so this is a victory on many levels.  Thank you, Jesus.

Like most cancer patients I'm sure she understands that while this battle has settled down, it likely isn't over. But for today, she has won! She is young and her body will take the much needed break it needs to heal and recover and strengthen.  And while she does, I will be out here praying for her.  Won't you help me and say a little prayer for her also?  One minute out of your day means so much....from your mouth to God's ears.....he listens. Yay, Kristen!!

May you all have a safe and blessed weekend. Keep your chin up and remember, when you are down, there is only one way to look.....and that is UP.  Hugs.

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  1. God humbles us in so many ways. I've said a prayer of gratitude, health and peace for Kristen.